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Buy Discount Eyeglasses Online \/\/FREE\\\\

With Eyebuydirect, you can customize your cheap eyeglasses online order down to the smallest detail. From high-index lenses to eye-catching styles, we work to provide you with the best affordable glasses.

buy discount eyeglasses online

Details matter. With EyeBuyDirect, you have the freedom to consider every aspect of your order. From your prescription, to our extensive range of lens options, your eyeglasses will be customized just for you.

Shopping for glasses from home can save you cash, too. Since having digital storefronts allows retailers to cut out the middlemen (like brick-and-mortar shops and third-party manufacturers) those savings are passed on to you. Furthermore, many online glasses companies also accept HSA and FSA funds, meaning no out-of-pocket costs for you.

Frames with non-prescription lenses are $50 while the rest range from $90 to $290 with single-vision (or reader or non-prescriptive) lenses included. Progressives tack on an extra $120 and special tints and transitional lenses are also an extra $120. For those wanting blue light blocking lenses, they cost either $30 or $60, depending on the type: Screen Daily Use lenses block 25% of blue light and Screen Heavy Use block 40%. And a final heads up for ordering: Unlike some other online glasses retailers, the field to add your prescription pops up after you place your order.

After additional testing, including ordering glasses with single-vision and photochromic prescription lenses, we still think Eyebuydirect and Zenni Optical are the best online glasses retailers for most people.

People who want to use certain vision insurance benefits without having to file a claim after purchase, or folks who want the option to buy or get frames fitted (or adjusted) in a store, may prefer ordering from Lenscrafters or Target Optical, which also offer online-only ordering.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can save hundreds of dollars by buying prescription eyeglasses online instead of through an optician. After performing more than 120 hours of research over four years, talking to eight eye-care professionals, and testing dozens of comparable frame-and-lens pairings from 12 retailers since 2017, we recommend that you start your online glasses search at Eyebuydirect. It offers an extensive, easy-to-search selection of quality frames, multiple lens and coating options, and affordable prices when compared with the prominent competition.

Lensabl says it can put Rx lenses in any frames for these flat rates. To test this claim, I bought an $8 pair of foldable reading glasses (currently unavailable). Within two weeks of sending the frames and prescription to Lensabl, I had a pair of perfectly prescribed folding eyeglasses for less than $100.

We featured GlassesUSA in our review of the best online glasses as one of the top options for buying cheap designer glasses online like Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Persol. But their catalog extends beyond designer brands, with more than 1,300 frames to choose from, at prices starting at $59 (with some clearance options priced even lower).

We recommend getting your glasses prescription from an in-person visit. Some websites offer online glasses prescription renewals, but several sources, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology, recommend against this.

GlassesUSA is our top choice for cheap prescription glasses online. Its prices start at $39, including the lenses. Zenni Optical and Eyebuydirect also offer cheap glasses online, with both online retailers offering frames as low as $7, though the lenses are not included in these prices.

Touted as designed by athletes for athletes, these lightweight performancewear eyeglasses rest comfortably without slipping or bouncing. The prescription glasses have rubber grips at the ends, and the frames come with grippy nose pads to ensure a better, more secure fit. It's got a slimmer selection of 17 frames, however.

If you're still wary about ordering glasses online, you can always play it safe with a classic retailer like Lenscrafters. You'll find the same types and brands of glasses that you would normally see at the brick-and-mortar, only from the comfort of your home instead! Its brands span the likes of Ray-Ban and Oakley to Giorgio Armani and Burberry, with about 1,352 total frames.

Liingo narrows down its impressive stock of original prescription glasses online by sorting frames by face shape, frame shape, size, color and material. Every style includes free premium RX polycarbonate lenses, meaning glasses are thinner, lighter and claim to be up to 12 times more impact-resistant than traditional lenses. Similar to Warby Parker, this online glasses store will also send five styles for a free at-home try-on, giving you five days to mull it over. Offering the speediest shipping time, Liingo delivered pairs to our testers in six and seven days, respectively.

One pain point for testers was the lack of frame individuality, with some noting that the pairs didn't feel as high quality as designer frames. Alas, when one tester had a hiccup with their pair, "Warby replaced them for free, and their customer service is quite responsive so that's a huge bonus!" The online glasses brand also has various storefronts across the country, so you can get them fitted in person if you live near one. It's a simple process that only requires an appointment ahead of time. Although your receipt can grow in expense with the more add-ons you choose (like blue light filtering), Warby Parker still offers prices competitive with traditional eyeglasses stores. Even still, the brand is an in-network provider for some insurance plans.

According to The Vision Council of America, approximately 164 million Americans wear eyeglasses. Additionally, the average consumer reports spending nearly $130 for their frames, and almost 40% of wearers have two or more pairs of glasses.

Thankfully, there are ways to save money on contact lenses and glasses if you know where and how to shop. Like many industries, online retailers make it easier to find high-quality prescription glasses at affordable prices. Plus, there are affordable in-store eyewear options if you know where to look.

Limited time offer: Save 65% off frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses with basic Rx lenses + Free shipping to your doorstep. Some exclusions apply. Use coupon code MONEY65 at checkout.

GlassesUSA is one of the most affordable ways to buy eyeglasses online. Glasses USA also carries contact lenses and sunglasses, but prescription eyewear is where this website shines. If you shop on clearance, you can get frames up to 60% off and 25% off prescription lenses.

Prescription eyeglasses start at $95 for adults, and this price includes single-vision lenses. Progressive lenses are an additional $200. Lenses are scratch-resistant, antireflective, and have UV protection. You can upgrade to blue-light-protective lenses for $50 or add transition lenses for $100.

Like Glasses USA, Zenni Optical carries various frame styles for adults and kids. In fact, there are thousands of frame designs. Plus, unlike many online glasses retailers, Zenni Optical also manufactures their own eyeglasses.

If you prefer certain name-brand eyewear or want variety, Eyeconic offers more choice than most online eyewear retailers. In fact, Eyeconic carries nearly 50 brands for adults and kids, including Cole Haan, Columbia, Jones New York, Kate Spade, Oakley, and Saint Laurent.

Readers start at $95 at regular pricing and $49 when on sale. Overall, Eyebobs has more variety for readers than most online eyewear retailers that focus on prescription glasses. According to its website, Eyebobs is the No. 1 premium reader brand. And its all-day readers have a progressive lens with your reader magnification at the bottom part of the lens, half the magnification in the middle, and no magnification at the top. That means you can wear the same pair of readers while reading a book, typing at your computer, or socializing with friends.

You can also shop online at Costco Optical. However, you need an up-to-date prescription, and the risk of buying the wrong frame is higher than shopping in the store. At Costco, you have trained opticians to assist you at every step, from your eye exam to finding the right frame. is another affordable online eyewear retailer that carries over 1,000 designs for adults and kids. Plus, with frames starting under $15 on clearance and under $30 for nonclearance frames, has an affordable entry point for eyewear.

Glasses bought online may be more likely to be made with the center of vision placed in the geometric center of the lens, according to a test by Wirecutter, a consumer review site owned by The New York Times.

Online shopping for glasses offers you the ability to browse thousands of options and different products easily. It can be extremely convenient and done from virtually anywhere at any time. Online stores give you the ability to shop around and often offer more discounts than traditional storefronts might.

Issues with your selected glasses not fitting right or not being the exact prescription are potential cons to buying glasses online. There are problems associated with not being able to try glasses on before buying them.

Buying glasses online can be very convenient, as it can save you a trip to the optical store. You can scroll through thousands of styles of eyeglasses in a matter of minutes and shop around with ease.

Buying glasses from an online retailer can end up saving you between 30 and 75 percent over eyeglass store prices. This is often due to the level of competition and the ability for online shoppers to shop around. You can compare prices between multiple providers with ease, and find the best deal by doing your research.

Ordering online can be a bit intimidating. One of the benefits of visiting an actual optical store is that a trained eye care professional can walk you through the process of selecting, fitting, and buying your glasses. They can explain the ins and outs of different features and ensure that the frames you choose fit your head and your face. 041b061a72

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