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Christopher Crank
Christopher Crank

Solve the Galaxy Map Glitch in Mass Effect with This Simple Patch

after some work, i fixed the galaxy map bug where it sometimes would not move the galaxies. i ended up fixing it so that the galaxies follow the movement of the player. the main bug that this fix was designed to fix was the galaxy alignment bug. for some reason when the player moves fast, the galaxy alignment bug would occur. this made the galaxy map in some cases very unusal and make it hard to play.

mass effect crack only galaxy map fix

so if you have problems with the game after you've installed this crack there is a chance you might be able to fix it without the need to patch the game. it's hard to say for sure but i'll keep testing the game and you can use this crack.

this is a mass effect crack only galaxy map that fixes the bug where the map would run slow and stutter. this was caused by the fact that the game used to be able to load a galaxy map file that contained a bunch of gamma space/pixel information. now it just loads the galaxy map and no gamma information and therefore the map is significantly faster. this is because of the change that was made to the game around patch 1.22. i tried to make this map a fair proof of concept and nothing more. it is merely a copy of the galaxy map that was released with the game, but was designed to run much faster and smoother. do not ask me why the game loads a galaxy map file if it has the graphics engine that is in the game now. that is beyond my understanding. there is no way that i know of to fix this problem.

just drop the "mass effect galaxy map v1.2" folder and "mass effect galaxy map v1.1" folder into the directory of the game. the best way is to start the game with the "solution" file to force the game to use the "mass effect galaxy map v1.2" folder.

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