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Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson

Colour Confident Stitching: How To Create Beautiful Colour Palettes Book Pdf

This is a really interesting addition to the embroidery bookshelf and not like anything else I own. Thanks for the review Mary, I will be checking this title out. I can completely relate to not feeling confident choosing colours (although it feels like it ought to be the easiest thing in the world!) I am used to working other peoples designs and all that work has been done for me. A blank piece of cloth with a box full of threads and a carte blanche has me feeling both excited and overwhelmed in equal parts! I could see this being really helpful as I tentatively try working my own designs. Thank you for the lead. ?

Colour Confident Stitching: How To Create Beautiful Colour Palettes Book Pdf

These lush tones always sit next to each other on the colour wheel. You can pick any three neighbouring segments and will always create a lovely harmonious palette with your choices. These selections are easy on the eye and easy to wear, a perfect starting place if you are a little colour phobic.

Rather than working to a theme or a brief, Mandy is guided by the fabric itself. At the start of a project, the fabric pieces jostle next to each other, revealing interesting colour combinations. Sometimes she finds a piece of old needlepoint or embroidery to use. Or she transforms an interesting garment through collage and stitch. A favourite technique is to work small, making fabric books.

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