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Anthony Wilson

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Because displays with the same Lon can exhibit different ACRs32, when evaluating the efficiency, it would be more fair to compare the power consumption at the same human-perceived ACR rather than to reach the same luminance. With this motivation, we plot the ACR-determined power consumption in Fig. 6. Here, a smartphone (Fig. 6a), a notebook (Fig. 6b) and a TV (Fig. 6c) in full brightness under their corresponding viewing conditions are taken as examples. The LED power consumption is calculated by Lon/ηW according to the power consumption section. In each application, five display structures are evaluated. For the CP-laminated RGB-chip mLED/μLED/OLED emissive displays (red curves and purple curves), RL does not change with AP. As the chip size increases, the peak EQEchip of the μLED increases, leading to a decreased power, as shown by the red curves. However, the size effect for RGB OLED displays (purple curves) is negligible. On the other hand, for the CP-free μLED emissive displays (blue curves and yellow curves), RL increases with a larger AP. As chip size increases, both RL and EQEchip increase, but they have opposite effects on the ACR. As a result, the required LED power decreases first and then increases. This trend is more obvious for the RGB-chip type (blue curves) than for the CC type (yellow curves). This result is because the LED reflectance in the RGB-chip type is strong, while the CF array in the CC-based μLED emissive displays partially suppresses ambient excitations. For the applications shown in Fig. 6, the most power-efficient chip size is located at

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