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Watch Two And A Half Men S05E17

The episode revolves around Teddy Leopold (Robert Wagner), who is found dead on Charlie (Charlie Sheen)'s bed during his mother's wedding reception. A crime scene investigation crew searches Charlie's house, trying to find out who murdered Teddy. "Fish in a Drawer" aired May 5, 2008 on CBS, and was watched by approximately 13 million viewers, making it the night's third most watched show, behind CSI: Miami and Dancing with the Stars.

Watch Two And a Half Men S05E17

"Fish in a Drawer" was broadcast on May 5, 2008 on CBS,[7][10] and was watched by 13.61 million viewers,[11] making it the night's third most watched show, behind CSI: Miami and Dancing with the Stars.[12] The episode was the fifth most watched program on CBS in the week of May 5 to May 11, 2008.[11] Allison Waldman of AOL's TV Squad, stated that she found the corresponding CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode Emmy Award worthy, while she found "Fish in a Drawer", "not rip-roaring, but still good".[13] Andy Grieser of Zap2it, said that he was attracted to the episode due to the news about the crossover, he stated he found the Faux-Catherine "brilliant" and that "the grainy flashbacks were the best parts".[14]

Sam revisits Paul's bar and finds him there all alone. He tells Sam the Apocalypse is no longer good for business since "Leah's angel pals" put the kibosh on the town's popular pastimes. Paul loves and will protect his hometown, but has no time for holiness. Sam comments he did happen to notice his rebuff of the prayer earlier; Paul confides that half of the guys in the militia are the same way, and until recently could still be found boozing and/or banging the nanny, but now they've become "warriors of God." He's not sure if there is a God or not, but he has never prayed and believes it would be hypocritical to start now. He asks Sam if he is a true believer; Sam says he does believe in God, but is pretty sure that he has stopped caring.Dean is sitting soberly in the motel room when Sam stumbles in. He admits he's been drinking, and says he would still be at it if not for the newly established curfew. He alerts Dean to the fact that all the cell towers in town have been shut down, and all internet and cable access has been blocked toward the goal of eliminating the "corruption of the outside world."

The Whore knocks Dean on his back and applies a choke hold; when she sees he's grabbing for the stake just out of his reach, she sneers and berates him as a pathetic, self-hating, and faithless so-called servant of Heaven who is just going to sit back and watch the end of the world. Dean finally stretches far enough and grabs the stake, plunges it into her torso with a twist and snarls "Don't be so sure, Whore."

Danny Williams: We got a situation here. Steve McGarrett: What do we got? (Steve and Danny look out the window to see the attractive female suspect taking off her top) Danny Williams: I mean, this.. What do we do? I mean, I don't know. (the female suspect has moved into another room and is now taking off her jeans) Danny Williams: What's the protocol? Do we watch, do we not watch? Steve McGarrett: That's what we're here for. We got to watch. (the female suspect moves to the drapes) Danny Williams: I don't.. Steve McGarrett: It's not like.. (the female suspect starts closing the drapes) Steve McGarrett: Okay. Danny Williams: (slightly whiny) No, don't do that. (both Steve and Danny look disappointed as the female suspect finishes closing the drapes) Danny Williams: Lost visual. 041b061a72

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