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How to Keep Your Aunet1 Driver Up to Date and Secure with Driver Booster

http://localhost:80/slurm/linux/drivers/aunet1/ note: the driver download links are for the release version of the drivers. the release version is the latest released version of the drivers. the latest driver version can be found at:



sudo tar -zxvf cd* sudo cp sudo sh sudo sh uninstall a specific driver uninstall the driver using the following command:

if the author publishes a modified version of the source code under another license, he must also publish the modifications under another license and change the copy protection information of the original code. gpl is the most recognized free software license, but some other license is also free and available.

  • the sections are: monitor: this section has 2 subpages. if you just want to monitor, just comment the line for the monitor. for my card this is:

  • section "monitor" identifier "configured monitor" modelname "ati technologies inc m6270" horizsync 30-70 vertrefresh 60-75 device: these sections are for the video card. for me this is:

  • section "device" identifier "intel graphics" driver "intel" screen: this section holds all the information on your screen. note that "nvidia" is in the path to the driver download, but "nvidia" is also a valid screen name, so always use "nvidia" in the screen section, and just grab the value from the path if you want to use that.

  • section "screen" identifier "nvidia" option "addargbvisuals" "true" option "brightnessmapping" "cmssyncbrightness" option "backlight" "off" option "backlight" "on" option "backlight" "bright" option "backlight" "intense" option "backlight" "bright" note, especially in the device section, how the syntax for your devices is different from a normal xorg.conf file. the standards here were largely set by the way the driver talks. they are still being established though, so this may be incorrect. also, please try to check and let me know if your card/driver doesn't work with some options or leaves out some options that you need. it's not done yet, i've just set up a todo list. todo:.. it doesn't check for driver "nvidia" unless you have the driver option in the screen section.

  • not sure about hwcursor support.

  • not sure what you need from the section "monitor" section.

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