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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Black Lightsaber

Lol i've found the first black lightsaber crystal on the second to last lvl just a bit b4 u fight darth vader (i dont remember exactally where) but i have no idea where to find the second one and out of the 50 guides i looked up for it only 1 of them even had the one i already found lol thx for the help.

star wars the force unleashed 2 black lightsaber

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed features a wide array of options for customizing Starkiller's lightsaber, including color and power crystals that can adjust its color and special capabilities, respectively. One of the trickier crystals to find is the black lightsaber crystal, and this guide will explain how to locate it.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an action-adventure game starring Darth Vader's secret apprentice "Starkiller" in the time before Star Wars: A New Hope. Starkiller is tasked with tracking down threats to the Empire on behalf of Vader, along the way revealing the origins of the Rebellion. The game features a wide array of powerful force abilities for Starkiller to use, and rewards players for combining them in a variety of deadly ways.

After doing this, players need only head to the top of the arch to acquire the black lightsaber crystal Holocron. The Black crystal is the final available lightsaber crystal in the game, owing to its location, and turns Starkiller's lightsaber black with a glowing white outline. This is similar to the darksaber seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, and also bears a resemblance to the "Blackwing Bezoar" lightsaber crystal seen in Star Wars: Galaxies.

Like their counterpart weapons, Starkiller's lightsabers were both based on a transparent hilt which displayed the blade's energy fluctuating within. The hilts featured a set of black plates; the activator a simple red button located on a silver ring around the hilt, approximately halfway along its length. The emitters featured a slanted, wrap-around guard that was aesthetically similar to emitter shrouds, rather than the standard emitters on the first stock design.[2]

Shortly after their alteration, Starkiller used the lightsabers against a squadron of Terror Troopers and Terror Droids that had infiltrated the Salvation, the Alliance Fleet flagship commanded by Captain Eclipse. Upon clearing the starship of the Terror units, the clone utilized his lightsabers against various Imperial soldiers, including Saber Guardsmen and Sith Acolytes, during the Assault on Kamino. In Timira City, the cloning facility where Starkiller was created, his lightsabers left a massacre in their wake; much of the Imperial garrison was destroyed by the clone as he infiltrated the inner workings of Timira City.[2]

Before engaging Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel, Starkiller was forced to use his lightsabers against a group of aberrant clones, all of whom originated from Galen Marek's genetic material as well. When Vader threatened to strangle Juno Eclipse to death via the Force, Starkiller discarded his weapons as a gesture of submission. Eclipse discreetly retrieved one of the lightsabers and attempted to assassinate the Sith Lord, damaging the control panel on Vader's armor in the process. Vader separated the lightsaber from Eclipse with a powerful Force Push in retaliation.[1] Reclaiming both lightsabers through telekinesis, Starkiller was driven into a state of rage by Vader's attack on Eclipse.[2] In the final portion of their duel, Vader utilized a Force blast to disarm Starkiller, which completely destroyed both lightsabers. Due to the loss of his weapons, Starkiller took Darth Vader's lightsaber[1] after subduing its owner with the use of Force lightning.[2] Vader was then arrested by Kota's soldiers while his lightsaber remained in Starkiller's possession.[1]

Belonging to the Mandalorians, and unlike most lightsabers, the Darksaber has a flat blade, much like a sword. Outside of canon lore, there are some characters within Star Wars Legends who have been seen with a black lightsaber, as well as options to pick a black lightsaber in some Star Wars video games.

In color theory, black can mean absence, darkness, death, power, and mystery. Such a color might be expected to be seen with the Sith, certainly not the Jedi. However, there is only one example of the Sith having a black lightsaber.

The only black lightsaber to exist in Star Wars canon is the Darksaber. The Darksaber was created by the legendary Mandalorian Tarre Vizsla. Tarre was the first Mandalorian to be included in the Jedi order. As a Jedi, he created the Darksaber to have a wide flat blade, much like a traditional sword.

In the game, the player can use a black kyber crystal to change the lightsaber color of Galen Marek, also known as Starkiller. Galen is the son of two Jedi Knights and was the secret apprentice of Darth Vader.

Lucasarts has certainly upped the production values with Force Unleashed II, which becomes clear the second the first level begins. Attempting departure from the planet Kamino, the game starts you in a pretty impressive freefall, with Starkiller attempting to escape a cloning facility on the planet Kamino. As he flies through the air towards the bottom of the facility, Force Unleashed II's effects power is in full... force, replete with breaking glass, explosions and twisted metal. Starkiller can also target and take down enemy TIEs, which start to swarm before he reaches the bottom. Although the free falling scene is clearly a set piece, Lucasarts reps treated it as a new game mechanic. Whether or not you'll be seeing a lot of free falls throughout the game remains unclear.

After eliminating the Imperial forces aboard the Salvation, Starkiller convinces Kota to order an all-out assault of Kamino. The Rebels arrive at Kamino but are met by the Imperial fleet, who have activated a defensive shield around the planet. Starkiller tells Kota to order an evacuation and crashes the Salvation through the shield. While Kota and his men stage a ground assault, Starkiller confronts Vader, who reveals and commands numerous failed Starkiller clones. Starkiller eliminates the clones and battles Vader to a stalemate. Vader reveals a detained Juno, threatening her life to force Starkiller to surrender and orders him to kill the rebels. Juno attempts to attack Vader with Starkiller's discarded lightsaber, but Vader uses the Force to hurl her out a window onto the ground below, seemingly killing her.[d] Enraged, Starkiller unleashes the full extent of his powers to defeat Vader, subduing him with force lightning[e] just as Kota and his men arrive. Vader tries to goad Starkiller into killing him, but Kota reasons that they need him alive to reveal the Empire's secrets before he can be placed on trial and executed. At this point, the player is given the choice between sparing Vader (Light Side) or killing him (Dark Side).

Lightsaber colors are an important part of Star Wars lore and the Jedi's path, but despite various colors appearing in the movies, comics, TV shows, and games, there's only one black lightsaber in canon: the Darksaber. Originally, only two lightsaber colors existed in Star Wars; however, when it came time to release the third and final film in the original trilogy, George Lucas gave Luke Skywalker a green lightsaber to use. That opened the door to a whole new world for fans.

Various lightsaber colors appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, but it wasn't until the prequel trilogy released that audiences saw a brand-new color for the first time on-screen (and in canon): Mace Windu's purple lightsaber. It's widely known that Samuel L. Jackson requested the purple lightsaber, and Lucas abided. There wasn't a plan for it to be included since the common lightsaber colors at the time were blue and green for the Jedi and red for the Sith. Later, though, a black lightsaber was introduced into Star Wars canon.

Star Wars' first black lightsaber, the Darksaber, was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 2 in the Mandalorian story arc. It was a sword-esque weapon that emitted a white glow on the outside; the original plan was for its user, Pre Vizsla, to use a vibroblade, but according to Dave Filoni (via IGN), George Lucas didn't believe a vibroblade would be able to combat a lightsaber, so they changed it to be a black lightsaber, modifying its design only slightly. Since it was a unique circumstance, Lucasfilm never made another black lightsaber.

In-universe, Tarre Vizsla was the first and only Mandalorian Jedi, and like every other Jedi in history, he needed to construct his own lightsaber by finding a kyber crystal that represented himself. That crystal ended up forging a black lightsaber. In Star Wars, people can't merely go searching for a kyber crystal and come back with whatever color they want; the kyber crystals have to be attuned to the Force-user. It's just that no one else has been able to create a black lightsaber before or since Tarre Vizsla existed over a thousand years before the original trilogy.

Today, the Darksaber is a unique weapon in Star Wars lore that has finally been adapted into live-action. After appearing in various episodes throughout Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, the Darksaber was used by Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian season 1 finale and will presumably return in season 2. While various other lightsaber colors have been introduced in canon since George Lucas sold off the franchise - orange in Jedi: Fallen Order and yellow in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (though yellow has been used elsewhere by temple guards) - the one and only black lightsaber remains the Darksaber.

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