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Vuze Plus Activation Code

Please enter your email address exactly as you entered it when you purchased Vuze Plus through PayPal and click the Retrieve button. We will attempt to match the address you enter with your account and send your activation code to that address.

vuze plus activation code


Vuze Plus requires client version 4.4 or newer. You will need to upgrade to the latest client version before you can activate Plus.The latest client installer is always available on, but you can download Plus installer directly here:

Vuze Plus is able to be installed on three machines using a given activation code. Attempting to install it on the fourth machine will cause an error message to appear. If you have arrived here after clicking on the link in the error message, then that means your activation code has already been used to activate three instances of Vuze Plus, and it is time for you to purchase an additonal license.

If you are certain that the purchase was made at, that means someone with access to your credit card information visited our web site and used your card to purchase Vuze Plus. Ask your family members if they did this. If not, then please call the number on the statement and a customer service representative will assist you.

Vuze Plus licences are managed by a licence server - [ ]. If access to this address is blocked then you will not be able to activate your licence (you will receive an error message indicating that the licence server could not be contacted). You can test connectivity by clicking on the link. If this page fails to load you will need to investigate why you have a general connectivity problem. If the page loads but you continue to get activation errors then you need to see if you have any firewall or antivirus software installed that is preventing the Vuze application from making connections to the internet.

When you activate Vuze Plus a number of plugins are automatically installed to support the various Plus features. If there are issues installing these then you will see popup errors that refer to activation failure and plugins being non-operational. There are a few possible causes of this, here are some things to check:

Some users experience continual resetting of their Vuze Plus to 'start of day' after a system restart - symptoms include licence reactivation and plus component installation, a suggestion to run a speed test and ultimately the licence is blocked due to 'too many activations'. Please see Configuration Keeps Resetting for a possible solution.

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